What kind of levels are there and how do I complete them?

The level goals are displayed in the pre-level pop up. To clear the level, you need to finish the level goals. Each level can have only one type of goals.

What kinds of levels are there in the game and how to complete them:  


You need to collect all bunny gems and to bring the rabbit to the door. 

Note: rabbit path must be free from blocker items in order for a rabbit to pass the road freely.  


You need to break the ice and save squirrels. You can do it by matching gems near the ice, like on the picture or to  use special matches combinations.  


You need to find woodsman which is hidden beyond the gems field. You can do it by clearing certain areas of tiles which block the woodsman or to  use special matches combinations on that area. 

You need to get the flowers past the gate. You can do it by clearing the pass with a help of matching the gems and releasing the pass to the finish line.

Note: on the certain levels, before you can rise the flower to the upper finish line, you need to break pitchers to raise the level of aura.  

You need to pop the pitchers. You can do it by matching the pitch with gems or to  use special matches combinations
Note: Both pitch and gems must be one kind of color. 

You need to break up the clouds. You can do it by matching gems near the clouds or to  use special matches combinations

You need to destroy roots. You can do it by matching gems in the roots field or to  use special matches combinations
Note: If in one move no roots were destroyed, it will grow on one cell in any direction or it can grow on the other root, that will do it stronger and harder to destroy. 

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