Attention, Scammers! How can I protect myself from scammers?

There are a number of malicious websites and fake Facebook accounts. Our players' safety is important to us! Exercise caution in your online activities, and keep these tips in mind at all times:

The Internet can be a dangerous place if you don't use caution. Clicking on untrustworthy links can result in viruses, malware, even theft of your personal information.

World of gems has only one authorized Facebook page.

Our official Facebook page is: 

We will never ask you to provide additional personal information, we will never post links within a comment thread.

Our links are always in the post itself, never the comments below the post. If you see comments that contain links, those comments are not from World of Gems, no matter what the user name appears to be. We never offer to install any software (except Adobe Flash Player).

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